What is coaching?

Coaching’s benefits today! To be bold you have to be true By Barbara Asimakopoulou Investing in ourselves is the most important action but also the most neglected. Coaching is the best investment people can make today directly for personal and professional development. It is a flexible, but specific professional support process designed [...]

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Perspectives of Coaching in times of crises

The role of COACHING in the present world under crisis ICF European Coaching Conference in Madrid, 16-18/6/2011 “Reinventing ourselves’ The goal of the coach is to make the coachee see the reality, feel the reality, act in the reality. He provides the tools to create an integrated real personality, through consciousness and global awareness. What [...]

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HRM versus Marketing

Human Resource Management and Marketing An interesting alliance By: Barbara Asimakopoulou HRM Consultant Executive Coach and Maria – Afrodite Tsianti, HR & Communication Expert The most important common element that MKT and HRM share is – obviously – man! The former targets consumer-external clients, while the latter targets internal [...]

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Greek Philosophy & Coaching

Photo credit: mararie via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA The ancient Greek philosophers and coaching Was Socrates the first coach? By Barbara Asimakopoulou, published in International Coaching Federation Blog on November 2013 Flourishing life (eudemonia) Excellence (aristae) – Prudence (phronesis) – Morals (ethos) The ancient Greek philosophers have been [...]

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