Leadership is all about passion!


leadesrhip is all about passion quote


Regarding Aristotle, the art of public speaking contains ethics (ethos), passion (pathos) and reason (logos). That is, character that attracts and inspires credibility (ethos), emotion that magnetizes and unites (pathos) and meaning and arguments (logos).

I crave for sharing with you my faith towards the value of  “passion”.

My experience by practicing coaching to talented executives, no matter where they may be, proves to me that the common, motivating force they share to achieve great and challenging goals, is PASSION.

I claim with…a lot of passion that leadership is all about PASSION!

Passion for a goal or idea is the great reason a leader invests his brain and soul in.
Passion is the strongest motive that allows you to leave behind old habits or beliefs that do not serve you anymore.
Passion transforms you to the leader you deserve to become.
Passion is what you need in order to pass the fine line that separates the leaders from the LEADERS.

No action plan is successful if there is not a great “why” behind it.

If it does not have a soul! Your own soul.

In order to reveal your own passion I will ask you the following question:

What is this great reason why you work?
Why do you get up in the morning to go to work with enthusiasm?

I am sure that each of you has his own passion for some …”perversion” with a positive meaning.

I suggest that you think about it now for 2 minutes and to write it on a white piece of paper with your favorite color, take a photo of it and put it in your mobile initial profile screen page and, if you like, share it with us on Facebook:

In continuance, ask your team or other people in your environment the same question.
You will be surprised by the answers and the positive energy that you will be surrounded with!

By Barbara Asimakopoulou


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