CAVE Approach for Human Development

For Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

In our days, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners face many challenges. As a coach I can mostly see that everyone wishes to achieve their business goals and vision; some of them to make a bigger positive difference for their clients and of course to reach for more customers. Some others to live up to their potential, feel more confident and less worried, identify and explore opportunities, go for what they really want, experience a feeling of accomplishment and well-being.

If you recognize yourself in the above, these 8 steps are for you.

Step 1: Create a Compelling Vision

Create a clear and appealing vision for your business that gives you energy, excitement and a positive attitude towards achieving goals.

Step 2: Be your best self

Be your best self, reach and take advantage of your potential. Be efficient, effective and happy. Attitude is everything. Be out there and fully engage yourself.

Step 3: Overcome obstacles

Identify and face internal and external obstacles that are holding you back. Stop sabotaging yourself and move forward.

Step 4: Set Goals & Strategies, Design your Plan of Success

Fill the gap between now and then. Design a thriving "success plan" in order to achieve your dreams. Discover the hidden professional opportunities. Be more flexible and receptive to new ideas, and views.

Step 5: Initiate a Successful Marketing

Identify your niche -target market. Design and improve every aspect of your marketing plan. Attract potential clients. Find and use efficiently, the resources and tools you need. Be there "alive and kicking".

Step 6: Go for Successful Sales

There is always a momentum to close the sale. There are always the proper actions to retain clients and follow up sales. Be brave, focused and persistent. Give great value to your clients.

Step 7: Get Organized and helped

Increase productivity and get out of the overwhelm. Be proactive and achieve great results with less effort and stress. Leverage your time, resources and skills. Get helped from other efficient professionals and inspired people.

Step 8: Be committed & follow systematically your success plan

The best business and marketing plan will fall short without being consistent or taking the adequate actions. Stay focused and inspired. Celebrate any personal and professional success. Enjoy your life and work.

If this "Plan of Success" appeals to you, I am here to help you to design and accomplish it.


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By Barbara Asimakopoulou

Human Resources Expertise

11, Olympionikon St.

Kryoneri Attikis 145 68

Athens - Greece

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