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Leading by values

Nowadays managing complexity is imperative in every aspect of life. Moreover talent retention and resilience to extreme pressure are also required. At the same time we are looking for a new leadership “ethos” involving qualities such as authenticity, integrity and humility.

  • How can the leader meet these expectations?
  • How to first change themselves and how to change the mindset and then the behavior of their team?

Coaching Leadership is the methodoly which equips current or future leaders with the best global theories, techniques and practices of coaching, to first unleash their own potential and then take out the best of their people within the organization or business.

Coaching is effective because it is based on truth, i.e. real possibilities hidden within every human . The Coach inspires and motivates you to overcome obstacles and be transformed into the leader you deserve to be.

The Coach Leader©’s main leadership tool is “values”.

These values are the evolution of "aretology" since the time of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to the views of the  modern organizational psychologists, coaches and management gurus such as A.Maslow, Vroom, D.Golemam, R.Barrett, M.Goldsmith.

Values are the high aspirations of people. When people live in an environment where they can express their values, they can be happy. Moreover, a value is hidden behind every expressed need.

Needs are saturated but values remain. That's why we need to discover the real value behind the expressed need. This is what the Coach Leader© does.

Thus, we must find the “true values” of each person in order to understand their motive, their real expectations.

As an example of values, I must reffer to aesthetics, adventure, creativity. These values are the fuel that pushes a particular person forward. They are the motivation that helps people set their priorities and finally make the best decisions. As a result, it helps a person to proceed with consistency and overcome any external or inner barrier.

The Coaching Leadership mitigates the weaknesses of modern leadership models and sculpts authentic leaders and teams.

The Coaching Leadership stands out because it is not just another leadership model but a way of living that makes you and your team excel.

Finally the Coach Leader© serves as “a moral compass” for a higher purpose, individual happiness and social positive change.

By Barbara Asimakopoulou
May 2016

* The photo of the article is the cover of the book of Dwight Johnson, an American writer who is working at the United States Air Force Academy

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