The power of words. Happiness that is expressed with words, is lasting

the power of words

Ever since I was a little girl I admired people who skillfully handle language, regardless of nationality. Vocabulary expertise for me, means rich vocabulary, eloquence, carefully selected words that accurately attribute the meaning of the speaker or the writer, and which include emotional power.

According to my experience, such people are popular speakers. Professor Charilaos Tsoukas, Philosopher Ramfos, author and journalist Soti Triantafyllou are some of them.

As a professional coach I am always excessively diligent with the language I use in my communication, in my speeches, in my writings, everywhere.

I feel blessed that I come from a family that inspired me to read and appreciate all the people of the spirit who stood out. I've read and I am still reading a great number of books and I think that I have gained-apart from unparalleled knowledge - a good range of vocabulary that allows me to communicate effectively.

In recent years, I have realized the unlimited potential of the right words that include a positive and empowering perspective.

I have recently read Antony Robbins book “Awaken the Giant within” and I have come to the following invaluable secrets of happiness that I want to share with you.

Words are a communication tool and at the same time represent our experiences.

We express our experiences through words so, if we change the words we use, we have the power to change our own experiences.

Our inner wealth is truly expressed only by a “wealthy” vocabulary.

We are proud and lucky that the Greek language has such rich vocabulary that we can certainly find the right word that best reflects our thoughts, ideas and aspirations to describe and empower us.

There's a word out there that's looking for you, that describes you the best.

If your vocabulary is simplified ... you close the door to this word that is looking for you.

Poor vocabulary leads to poor self awareness, poor expression of ideas, values, an emotions.

Vulnerability of the vocabulary leads to the weakening of your valuable inner forces.

My advice is:

Record the experiences you want to live and put an empowering word next to them.

For example:

At 11:00 I will have a fully efficient conversation with my client. I am perfectly prepared and I will shine.

If you do not know what experiences you want in your life, then there is one more reason for you to look for the suitable word with patience and enthusiasm.

You want a good life or a wonderful life.

You want a good breakfast or a refreshing breakfast.

You want a new experience or an exciting experience.

You are an honest person or a fully reliable companion.

Pythia, priestess at Delphi Temple of Apollo, had told in one of her oracles.

“If you do not look where you want to go then you will go where you look”

Think and describe your destination with powerful words that make you excited to go and then for sure you will reach it.

I can inspire you and support your ongoing development in this “inner-itinerary” towards a new prominent habit that will lead you to a more authentic life.

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Barbara Asimakopoulou, MBA, PCC
ICF and Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coach

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