Your successes, your achievements, what you have accomplished so far, about the people you have close to you, about the person you have become.

Listen to my advice.

Make a pause, go back in time when you were a child and look like glamorous pictures all the great moments you've lived, enjoy them, smile and come slowly to this day.

How do you feel?

I ask you to do that because when we forget what we have achieved or experienced in the past, we are focusing on the future and, with anxiety, we are seeking to do new things, to undertake even greater and more difficult goals.

So do you know what happens to us?

We do not live for “today”, it is like we constantly preparing for something that even if it comes, we pass it over to prepare ourselves for the next one.

What do you think? Do you do it?

Are you in the backstage of your life instead of the main stage?

I have made a revealing ascertainment. If you look back, you will realize that you already had in your life what you expect to acquire in the future. Like recognition, joy, health, success, love, you had these in some time in your life, didn’t you?

What does this mean?

Whatever we expect to enjoy in the future, we have probably already succeeded it and we have unfortunately forgotten it.

If we recognize this fact, how will we feel? For me it means self-confidence, faith and peace. That's because I see that everything was once in my life, and I can wonder if I really need to run behind them, or it's just the inertia left by the effort of the past.

You know this inertia is a double-edged knife, it's addictive, and as we get addicted as we get involved into the vicious circle of the endless effort, with the blessings of course of today's society. Have you ever heard modern people’s quote?

How do you do? I’m in the rat race!

This is of course the answer. Because if anyone runs, they declare they're busy, so they’re successful, because we've combined success with a perpetual action.

Have you ever heard anyone say “I am good; I enjoy my life, my job”? If so, become friends with them!!!

Life is not just doing but also to living. We are human beings not human doings.

But let me now make a retrospect to the moment of your extraordinary moments that I asked you to do and ask you the following questions.
Did you appreciate them then? Did you enjoy them?

If so, if you make a pause and experience these moments, celebrating them with your loved ones, then maybe the “today” is not a constant preparation for desirable intangible or material acquisitions.

What do you think about this? My response to this concern is the organization of a great celebration.
To celebrate your successes with as many people you estimate and you would like to have them with you this great moment.

Don’t wait to find yourself in the main stage of your life and share your joy, your pride of everything you have accomplished up to now and confess that everything can be done


This is what I did and you can do it too.

Barbara Asimakopoulou

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