What is coaching?

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Coaching’s benefits today!

To be bold you have to be true

By Barbara Asimakopoulou

Investing in ourselves is the most important action but also the most neglected.

Coaching is the best investment people can make today directly for personal and professional development.

It is a flexible, but specific professional support process designed specifically for anyone who is confronted with simple or complex problems.

This process, which is developed in "steps" not only awakens the creative thinking of the supported coachee, but also expand personal and professional opportunities for future decisions.

Today more than ever we need a more scientific approach to decision making, and this is why we need alternative ways of thinking, new innovative ideas and most importantly bold actions.

To do this, there must be a solid background that is a real basis which is none other than what a person wants and is capable to do.

The coach supports those who feel difficulty this time to be mobilized, to clarify their goals and reach them. It helps to identify and overcome the internal, and external obstacles. Supports patiently and carefully in order to get the best for them.

An experienced and well trained coach supports you

  • To overcome possible fears that keep you back
  • To discover your creative best self
  • To Increase your confidence and your self-awareness
  • To follow consistently the appropriate action plan to achieve your goals
  • To take advantage of every new opportunity presented
  • To Keep the balance you need between work and personal life.

What is the process?

The professional coaching support take place in individual hourly sessions (coaching sessions) and / or via SKYPE.

The coach in order to help you reveal your best and achieve your goals, follows the following procedure.

Listens carefully

Utilize deep explorative questions which reveal deeper needs and possibilities.

Encourage innovative ideas, alternative approaches and bold decisions that bring you closer to your goal.

The coach inspires you to ... transform!

The coach expects a lot of you, wants that you are enjoying your profession, family and friends. The coach motivates you and engages you into actions until the next meeting.

Why coaching is effective?

Coaching is effective because unleashes your potential. We believe that man can create and find himself the best solutions for himself and the coach is appropriately trained to facilitate this process.

For me the magic of coaching can be summarized in three words.

Awareness, Challenge and finally Shift!

My desire is to work with people who positively exploit their strengths, seek personal and professional evolution and are willing to be bold and embrace challenge.

On this trip I will be on your side with devotion, honesty and boldness.

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