If the first answer that comes up spontaneously is Me, we are on the same track and I would profoundly like to meet you dear.

If you are still thinking, you are welcome and please do me a favour. If this article rings a bell with you, please stay with me till the last word and I will change your life.

So let’s start diving into human nature, aiming to explore and adore some “golden rules” that make life worth living.

Human beings are wired to interrelate and grow through constructive or destructive experiences.

The human race is a miraculous combination of tragedy and comedy. We can be deeply moved by someone’s grief, empathize with him/her and we can easily move onto the next page. We go on with our lives, laughing in the next corner about something that changes our mood.

Finally, we usually behave reactively and not proactively.

This means that we let things drive us and we follow any itinerary which glows a little more than others.

So we live a life by default and mainly not by design.

Is that what you desire?

Of course not.

You are more than your habits. You can take control of your life at any time and lead your decisions and actions.

So the Leader is You.

To be the leader of your life consider the following golden rules:

1st rule

  • Be curious to find out the best possible you

2nd rule

  • Be brave enough to be a role model

3rd rule

  • Be grateful for every small or big goal you have achieved
  • Be grateful for every person in your life who fuels you with energy and don’t forget to thank them for this.

4th rule

  • Experience the challenges of your life constructively

5th rule

  • Have compassion for yourself

6th rule

  • Be visionary and share your dreams and thoughts whenever you have the chance

7th rule

  • Be trustful of others’ capability to contribute and bring value

8th rule

  • Be wise and manage your resources efficiently; money, time, energy, people

9th rule

  • Be mindful and enjoy every moment

10th rule

  • Be humble, and an eternal learner

How do you feel now?

Visualize that you are starting from now to practice a brand new type of behaviour as the golden rules inspire you.

Embrace the idea that you have endless possibilities of making your mark and having a great impact first on yourself and then on other people.

Be the leader of your life plan, be the leader of your own life.

Doesn’t it feel powerful?

Let’s sway then.


I can inspire you and support your ongoing development in

this “inner-itinerary” towards a new prominent habit that will lead

you to a more authentic life.

Don’t hesitate to call me or send me a message

Barbara Asimakopoulou, MBA, PCC
ICF and Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coach

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