Your Excellency

Your Excellency…

What does excellence really mean?

  • What does excellence - one of the International Coach Federation core values - really mean for ICF chapters around the world?
  • This question was posed during ICF Global Leaders Forum in Atlanta last March.
  • Is each answer subjective or there is some degree of objectivity?
  • What do we want to achieve?
  • What we want to earn from the pursuing of excellence?

In my point of view, credibility and sustainability are two major goals for any chapter.

Can excellence reassure sustainability?

Can excellence reassure credibility?

In order to give the answers to the above questions I will give the very first definition of excellence that comes from Aristotle the Greek philosopher of the 5th century B. C.

Excellence is the translation of the Greek word “Aristea”.

Aristos” is someone who can be awarded, someone who can hold the “aristeo”, the award.

Consequently, excellent is someone who is worth an award and excellence is the relative situation.

  • Are we searching to be awarded?
  • Are we searching to distinguish, to be the first?

Yes, why not.

This is a high driver, a big motive that can inspire anyone to be better, to move forward as a coach and as a chapter leader as well.

Let’s see now how we can be awarded how we can be excellent or how we are seeking for excellence, according the Greek Philosophy.

Seeking for excellence is seeking for Aristea

Aristea” = “phronesis” + “ethos”

Phronesis” = wisdom = Knowledge + Practice

Ethos” = Ethics, moral= “eunoia”, goodwill with ethical virtues, good intentions and mood

Areti” = virtue= the golden median= balance and self-control , e.g. not being risky, or coward, but brave!

Let’s sum up in English

Excellence = Knowledge + Practice +Ethics + Balance

“Aristos” - Excellent can be the individual who leads a life with “phronesis” –wisdom, he seeks the truth, and he embraces the essential knowledge via actions and self realization.

  • Lead a life with “ethos”- ethical virtues and goodwill.
  • Lead a life with “areti” -balance and self control.

Aristotle says that everyone who is in the pursue of “excellence” in themselves, discover and leverage their best selves and achieve satisfaction deriving from self-realisation.

Are we ready for this?

By Barbara Asimakopoulou

This article was published in International Coach Federation Blog 


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