Leadership is all about passion!

Regarding Aristotle, the art of public speaking contains ethics (ethos), passion (pathos) and reason (logos). That is, character that attracts and inspires credibility (ethos), emotion that magnetizes and unites (pathos) and meaning and arguments (logos). I crave for sharing with you my faith towards the value of “passion”. My experience by [...]

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For Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners In our days, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners face many challenges. As a coach I can mostly see that everyone wishes to achieve their business goals and vision; some of them to make a bigger positive difference for their clients and of course to reach for more [...]

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HRM versus Marketing

Human Resource Management and Marketing An interesting alliance By: Barbara Asimakopoulou HRM Consultant Executive Coach and Maria – Afrodite Tsianti, HR & Communication Expert The most important common element that MKT and HRM share is – obviously – man! The former targets consumer-external clients, while the latter targets internal [...]

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