Events - Speaking

  • Coach Now 2019” The profession of Coach” 21.9.2019 Athens
  • The entrepreneurial mind” Coaching at Work annual conference  3.7.2019, London
  • "Inner Emancipation" Coaching & Leadership - Book Presentation 19.3.2019, Athens
  • The Coach Leader©” Following the paths of Socrates, ICF Boulgaria, 27.2.2018
  • Building Coaching Culture” ICF Greece, 21.2.2018
  • The skills you need in order to  take control and succeed in your life”, Agricultural University of Athens, 2.3.2018
  • "Too many bosses- Too few leaders", guest speaker, Marketing Club, Money Show Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, 20.5.2017. 
  • "Take off your Business", International ICF Coaches supporting young entrepreneurs and future leaders, webinar, 15.5.2017.
  • "The art of Coaching that gets results", EEDE, Thessaloniki, 27.12.2016.
  • The Coach Leader: From Change Management to Leadership”, Money Show Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, 21.5.2016.
  • Emotional Intelligence and coaching” invited speaker, Money Show Hilton, Athens, 2016.
  • The Coach Leader: Leading by values” guest speaker, Money Show Hilton, Athens, 2016.
  • Greek Ancient Philosophy and Coaching” Was Socrates the first coach?” ICF On Tour, ICF Greece, Athens, 2015.
  • “’Are you ready for the big change? Setting Goals for a new Career”, guest speaker, hosted by Free University of Kifissia, Athens, 2015.
  • “HR Community: Serving the Greek Entrepreneurship” invited speaker by HR Community Awards, Skywalker, 2015.
  • The Rebounding at work life” , guest speaker, Municipality of Dionysus, Athens, 2014.
  • The winning team has the best Coach! Do you want to be you?” guest speaker, Patra’s Forum Anaptixis, 2014.
  • If opportunity doesn’t knock, open a door” Alumni ALBA Business school, 2012.
  • Star Throwers” creating an inspired, powerful and effective team, Sales Management Forum, Boussias Communications, 2012.
  • “From the art of peace at workplace to the art of empowering” Institute of Pasteur, Athens,2012.
  • Practicing Leadership daily» FORUM Anaptixis, Patras, 2010.
  • “The art of peace in the working environment” ΑΤΕxcelixi, Athens, Patras, 2008-2009.
  • Women in the new economy” guest speaker in the conference hosted by EXPRES, 2009.
  • Culture and Quality of Life”, guest speaker in the conference hosted by Management Force, 2009.
  • The art of peace in the working environment”, invited speaker by Federation of Greek Industries, Western Greece (SVPDE), 2008.
  • Take care of your people who take care of your business”, Money Show Patras, 2008.
  • “Reintegration of unemployed women in the labour market after a long transitional period” invited speaker by PRAXIS, 2008.
  • “The mentoring in the Career Counselling” invited speaker by Hellix,2006.
  • The strength of people’s motivation”, invited speaker by Rotary Group of Patras, 2001.
  • “The company of the future”, invited speaker by Federation of Greek Industries, Western Greece (SVPDE), 2000.
  • When women lead”, invited speaker by Hellenic Management Association (EEDE) and Institute of Development of Women Managers of Greece (IAGME), 2001.
  • “Who is afraid of Human Resources”, speech under the frame of Money Show, Patras, 2000.
  • “Human Resources Development” in Palatino, invited speaker by Palatino children’s clothing Company, Patras, 2000.


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