We assist companies and organizations of all sizes to achieve great results through their people. Great people can achieve great results.

Today, every small or large business, has major challenges to face. Whether it is to explore new strategies and markets, or choose maximum utilization of existing capacity - every company needs a «Know thyself». An assessment of strengths and weaknesses, of it´s people, their skills, and aspirations.

HRE is a valuable full or part-time partner in every area of your company development and human resources management, administration, operation, strategic planning, effective communication and collaboration. Thanks to the standard diagnostic model Blue Ocean© and our anthropocentric philosophy, Emotional Influence© (based on values), we identify your immediate needs, we work with you for establishing labor peace, competent and satisfied employees

  • Diagnose and resolve problems in operation or communication among employees and with customers
  • Employees Opinion & Satisfaction Survey
  • Create common vision and objectives based on common values 
  • Build a new culture and behaviors in alignment with each strategic option
  • Design and implementation of HR policies such as performance appraisal, reward system based on individual performance and corporate results, personnel attraction and selection, training and development, internal communication, innovation and teamwork.
  • Effective communication and cooperation, conflicts resolution, creative and efficient working environment

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We use, the Solutionized Approach©, the innovative two-step method. Transforming every strategy into reality through empowering people.

  1. With our help, the client captures any new strategy in terms of sales, production, processes and systems.
  2. We define the way to achieve effective implementation, by involving and empowering personnel in a program that lasts. Finally monitoring and evaluating the results

HR Audit: Internal Control Procedures

With the Internal Control Procedures of HRE, your business ensures:

The screening policies and practices followed by the Human Resources Department, regarding their compatibility with the current legal framework (labor / insurance / tax law), and proposals to improve the existing processes.

Support of HR, whether autonomous part or integrated in the accounting department of your company, in such issues as: recruitment, terms of employment, payroll, employee’s file administrative management, their rights and obligations and the obligations of employers towards the Greek legal system and government regulation.

Knowledge Management: Intra-Corporate Learning Process

This program quickly and directly achieves the renewal of the company, through the intra-corporate transfer of knowledge. It is the best tool to reorganize and use your accumulated intellectual capital. It is an ideal preparation for a business that chooses self examination. A high-quality service through the re-activation of the internal dynamics and knowledge of your company, with lasting benefits.


Human Resources Expertise

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