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Coaching Leadership in the footsteps of Socrates©, 3-month e-learning training program from "National Kapodistrian University of Athens" and Barbara Asimakopoulou - author and trainer.

Coaching Leadership in the footsteps of Socrates©  is a 3-month blended distance learning training program. It is designed for executives and professionals who need a high quality coaching training program in a flexible training way without the need to be in a classroom in a certain place.

My students are Greek speaking people from around the world!

Coaching Leadership in the footsteps of Socrates is a new (registered for ©) alternative leadership approach based on self-awereness, philosophy and coaching. It introduces the Coach Leader who is leading by values and the Philosophership a new coaching model of decision making.

It includes 10 training units with 4500-5500 words of PDF each, 10 videos recordings one for each educational unit, 10 Power Point presentations, 5 live streaming (1 hour each), a big number of essays and on line exercises, a huge bibliography and referrals, a final essay- personal action plan, one to one coaching , mutual support with the buddy system and a coach-trainer available all the time to stand by her students.

Each educational unit lasts one week. Each week, participants receive all the new material via a special e-learning platform. This e-learning platform is designed by the University of Athens and hosts many other training e-learning programs.

Each week the participant must study, do his/her homework, exercises, case studies, and communicate with the coach -trainer via e-mail for clarifications or other questions.

In order to enhance studying, there is a secretary and an IT administrator who are ready to answer any administrative question and/or resolve any other issue.

With blended e-learning, students can study and make their exercises at their own pace. In this manner they can combine working and studying at the same time.

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As a distance trainer, I try to make my students feel as a team, an e-team, so they  can take advantage and benefit from their e-interaction, and each other’s learning and questioning.

I communicate with them through the e-platform very often, in order to motivate and inspire them to go on with their study and essays, on the time -schedule set from the beginning.

E-learning is a great training tool that demands consistency, system,  commitment and self-motivation  from both sides- coach (the trainer) and coachee (the student)

As Socrates said 2500 years ago,

A teacher is not teaching, he inspires people to think and to reveal their own inner-truth”.

A blended e-learning program, especially designed and applied, can offer this opportunity.


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Comments of Participants 

One of the best and most comprehensive courses I have attended".

Theodoros Panelis, Cosmote e-value, Athens, Greece

I wish it really lasted longer! I recommend it to everyone who is looking to lead their lives with the eyes of the soul and consciousness.

Georgia Papadimitriou, Sub Directory HR Account Management ΟΤΕ Group, Athens, Greece

Amazing work that has been done by day ... '' I see '' and " I speak" differently As far as for you Mrs. Asimakopoulou only a word fits... INSPIRATION .. !!!

Eleni Karapa, Freelance Professional, Xalkida, Greece

Each module of the program triggers you and each time you want more. The philosophical deepening and the explanation of the importance of values are highly addictive.

Georges Boukis, Entrepreneur, Athens, Greece

I highly recommend this program. Ms. Barbara Asimakopoulou invites, challenges, develops, strengthens, supports you in a rich journey guided by knowledge and human acumen.

Maria Xatziaggelidi, Freelance Professional, Athens, Greece

Unique, unparalleled, exclusive.

Sophoklis Akkides, Public Servant, Cyprous

..I have been  transformed to the Leader of myself  and to the  Coach of tomorrow! I felt the caress on my back and the trigger to move forward with courage in order to evolve!

Efi Christou, English Teacher, Athens Greece

Eventually the course was revealing, since it gave me a dimension of coaching different from the "typical” image that I had had until then, it also convinced me that it can be a tool for professional development and cultural development as well.

Panos Zisoglou, Project Manager, Athens Greece

This program was for me an opportunity not only for knowledge enrichment, but also for triggering internal search, balance and better career planning. Despite the geographical distance, the technology has removed any sense of isolation and loneliness.

Sophy Kotti, Musician Chios island, Greece

Extremely anthropocentric and based on the values of the ancient Greek and worldwide philosophy.

Evi Christodoulopoulou, Private Employee, Athens, Greece


©The Coach Leader: Registered under the Copyright Act N. 3717 21.2.17


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