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Testimonials from our Coaching Clients

I enjoyed working with Barbara as she inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and challenged me to be braver in my actions.  I am looking forward to a successful and action-packed year as a result of the plans I implemented with her support. Many thanks again!!

Zsofia Juhasz
Executive Coach, Australia

Technical coaches may not be so hard to find but genuine, passionate, objective and demanding coaches as Barbara …well I don’t think we see them that often.

Eleni Vlachou, Medical Head GR CY BG RO MO, Bayer Hellas AG

The satisfaction of our coaching meetings was maximum. The work you do is excellent. I am very happy with the work we did together and the results I had. Surely if there was a rating I would give you a 10!

Maria Kaloutsa, Civil Engineer

Barbara is a very kind person with high empathy and excellent coaching capabilities. She delivers real support and keeps her promises. She is creative, energetic and I strongly recommend her services as they will lead to results.

Konstantinos Manousakis, Regional Sales Manager at AquaTech Pressmain Ltd

Barbara Asimakopoulou is a great professional that values and believes in man. She has the great advantage of the source of heartfelt communication and therefore can and manages to make a group of  people a great team and turn every person to a friend. In short, if you are looking for a creative Professional Coach who has Emotional Intelligence to trust and give you solutions, you need Barbara.

Lila Koufopoulou, Marketing Communications Coordinator & Fine Arts Artist.

Our meetings helped me to understand what my true values are and how important it is to be expressed in every working environment. Furthermore, I felt stronger and more confident about myself. I feel more "daring" and "open minding".  You always brought me back to what was most important in achieving my goal. In this way I learned to be focused and overcome any obstacle without wasting energy.

AA, Sales Professional

The great success for me is the impetus that got to act against my expectations and even succeed! What I learned is to sidetrack the fear that kept me still.  I dare say that I managed to gain with your help many experiences that others would never have because they just did not try.  I changed my attitude towards life and so I am grateful. Wherever I get  I will always know and I want you to know too that your contribution was substantial.

Artemis Dimitroula,  Architecture engineer

I am completely satisfied with our coaching sessions. When  we started  the meetings I expected from you   to help me and guide me right to clarify my thoughts and prioritize my wants and actions.  I had learned, I had revealed myself and I had had excellent moments…... Our  meetings were human,  efficient and professional.

Claire Venetsanakou, Organizational Psychologist

You were a great coach, thank you very much.

EK, Family business owner

The contribution of Barbara was catalytic as acknowledging the issues which puzzled me and highlighting the exact solutions that would help me, guided me to put in an order and balance between what I want and  what should be done. She especially helped me to regain my lost self-esteem .
From Barbara, I hold her scientific training, her experience in the business, her continuous update on an abundance of issues, her flexibility and the most important of all, the building of a genuine personal relationship.

AA, Investment Advisor

I feel the need to express in writing my enthusiasm for the course and the outcome.
I succeeded to see exactly the steps I needed to pay attention in order to design my next career  plan.
Finally, I want to point out your ability to actively listen and to receive the concerns of your coachee with real interest. Your ability helps greatly in the course of the sessions and I believe that you stand out not only as a coach but as a human too.
Thank you

SM, MBA, Commercial  Director

Dear Barbara,
Thank you for the excellent "professional know-thyself journey" . It was a great experience in setting priorities, objectives and clarifying  thinking. 
By your worthiness and competency you managed to give me guidance, and with your humanity to touch me and make our coaching more effective.
You're an excellent guide and I really enjoyed this journey we had together.

Elena Lekaki, MSc, Insurance Consultant


Testimonials of Participants in our Training Programs "Creating a strong and effective team" Throwing starfish

This workshop exceeded my expectations. Trainers immediately won the sincere and enthusiastic participation of my sales people and overcame any initial reservations. I was impressed by the atmosphere.. Smiles and energy.

Giannis Kreatsoulis, Agency Manager NN Hellas

I had an amazing time! I changed my approach to making the final sales deal  ... It changed my way of thinking and helped me pass it on to others.

Christos, Sales Executive NN Hellas

I got new ideas and thoughts for new practices.
I will implement teamwork, personal improvement, time management, and of course the ability to envision. The contribution of the trainers was rated 100%.

Maria Malakasioti, Sales Professional

It was not a seminar, it was something of a soul therapy.

Michailidis Emmanuel, Sales Executive AEPI

New ideas, good practices and thinking, efficient ways of managing crises
Important contribution of the trainers for a unique and original workshop

Nektarios Minas, Sales Executive AEPI

I gained Action Messages - Personal vision - Encouragement - Skills acquisition.

Giokas Giannis, Head of Sales AEPI

I got ideas for dealing with crises, vision realization plan. Interaction with professionals from different workplaces and experiences.
I think that both trainers contributed to a constructive, educational and useful training process.

N.Kalimeris, Head of Sales Janssen-Cilag 

I think that HRE has perfectly customized the program to the needs of the group.

Head of sales 

I am ready to create vision with my team to which everyone will be engaged.
Important and effective program-

Joanna Georgiou, HR Executive ABBOTT

I learned to dare to change before the crisis and its consequences.

HR Executive ATE

I learnt that we have the power to influence our lives and our wider environment even with small simple things! 
I also learnt to be able to react to challenges such as "what do we do in this situation where we are?"

Efi Papadogianni, Financial Director of KONE


Testimonials from participants in various training programs

  • I think that today's workshop was one of the best I have attended both concerning interactivity and active participation of me and my colleagues.
  • I found it excellent, interesting and constructive. Honest, human and  powerful questions were set to inspire us to speak and reveal our thoughts in a secure environment.
  • Very good with issues concerning us directly in our work. 10/10 successful seminar.
  • Very satisfying, useful, well-structured and organized.
  • Only the fact that I was “awakened",  it is a success by itself.
  • I understood the need for mobilization and that changes always have two sides and hidden opportunities.
  • It was a pleasant meeting, quite structured with pleasant surprises. Creative day!
  • I feel more optimistic and more confident because in this tutorial we mentioned feelings and values which we can keep whatever the crisis is.
  • The program learned me the significance of creative change. Teamwork, communication, cooperation, positive thinking.
  • Barbara helped me to understand the sense of optimism and that its one individually can contribute with our actions to improve, solve problems, aiming at the common good.
  • The most important thing that I got today from the workshop is that starting from simple things we can do something big enough, provided that we are not mere spectators but we should aim at taking action.
  • Very satisfactory theoretical background. Pleasant and skilled speakers.
  • I  got important tips got on my behavior and my actions in times of crises.
  • Educative, serious and constructive workshop. Appropriate organization that attracts the interest of each participant.
  • Excellent Speakers .Immaculate Speakers


Testimonials of Participants in Coaching Leadership

One of the best and most comprehensive courses I have attended".

Theodoros Panelis, Cosmote e-value, Athens, Greece

 I wish it really lasted longer! I recommend it to everyone who is looking to live their lives with the eyes of the soul and consciousness.

Georgia Papadimitriou, Sub Directory HR Account Management ΟΤΕ Group, Athens, Greece

Amazing work that has been done ..day by day ... '' I see '' and " I speak" differently .... As far as for you Mrs. Asimakopoulou only a word fits... INSPIRATION .. !!!

Eleni Karapa, Freelance Professional, Xalkida, Greece

Each module of the program nails you and each time you want more.. The philosophical deepening and the explanation of the importance of values are highly addictive

Georges Boukis, Entrepreneur, Athens, Greece

I highly recommend this program. Ms. Barbara Asimakopoulou invites, challenges, develops, strengthens, supports you in a rich journey guided by knowledge and human acumen.

Maria Xatziaggelidi, Freelance Professional, Athens, Greece

Unique, unparalleled, exclusive. 

Sophoklis Akkides, Public Servant, Cyprous

I have been transformed to the Leader of myself and to the Coach of tomorrow! I felt the caresson my back and the trigger to move forward with courage in order to evolve!

Efi Christou, English Teacher, Athens Greece

Eventually the course was revealing, since it gave me a dimension of coaching different from the "typical” image that I had had until then, and not only that, but it also convinced me that it can be a tool for professional development and cultural development as well.

Panos Zisoglou, Project Manager, Athens Greece

This program was for me an opportunity not only for knowledge enrichment, but also for triggering internal search, balance and better career planning. Despite the geographical distance, the technology has removed any sense of isolation and loneliness.

Musician, Chios island, Greece

Extremely anthropocentric and based on the values of the ancient Greek and worldwide philosophy.

Evi Christodoulopoulou, Private Employee, Athens, Greece


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