“To move the world we must first move ourselves”

Socrates, Greek Philosopher (470 BC to 399 BC)

Goal of the workshop: 

A revealing personal and professional recovery workshop, that is ideal to discover the 'keys' and to conquer, first of all, the terms of personal happiness and after professional success.

With this well-being coaching, you will:

Be transformed gradually and consciously like a chrysalis.
Uncover brand new wings and stunning new sides to your talent.
Take action to make every challenge an opportunity.
"Investing in you is an investment that always yields".

We give you the ‘insights’ to become the protagonists of your own script.

This workshop is ideal if you feel the need to shout out in despair from the inside but you find it hard to listen to your feelings. You will also benefit from this well-being coaching if you know someone close is wondering what's going on with you but perhaps they are hesitating in confronting you. We enable you not to ignore these signals and be able to simply ask your loved ones and listen to what they have to say differently.

Benefits for you:

  • Self-awareness.
  • Self confidence.
  • Action plan.
  • This well-being coaching includes a self assessment test.


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