Create High Performance Culture

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Creating a new high performance corporate culture in turbulent times 

Our Unique Management Model:  “A sky full of Stars”©

An innovative program that transforms any new strategy into reality through altering behaviors.

"Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand."
Confucius 450 BC

Excellence is a habit
Aristoteles 350 BC

In order to create a new culture or change a corporate culture there are two key points:

  • Personnel involvement and
  • Appropriate systems that ensure everyday practice 

Moreover there is in one more, INSPIRATION!

Our Unique Star's Management Model  “A sky full of Stars”© in titles

  • Management Commitment
  • Diagnosis up and down
  • Set an inspirational name of the program that promote the main result we want to achieve 
  • Discover Values and Reveal a compelling common Vision
  • Involve Personnel
  • Design of a Long and short Term Strategy
  • Visualize Vision Values and Strategy
  • Introduce Systems and Policies that evaluate and reward new culture behavior
  • Train Personnel in every new policy and system that strengthen new culture
  • Train Personnel in major issues that facilitate leadership, cooperation, communication, adaptability and resilience
  • Use symbols and pictures
  • Coach Management Team
  • Enhance Coaching Culture, Train Coach Leaders
  • Coach the Coach
  • Set Strong up, down, horizontal communication,
  • Set 360 performance appraisal system
  • Yearly evaluation of results
  • Celebrate every achievement
  • Re examine long term and short term Strategy in the beginning of every new year
  • Re –involve Personnel
  • Systematic, methodical and close follow up
  • And ….
    The perfect recipe: energize all 5 senses for …ever

The program can last from 1 -3 years.

It has amazing results in visionary and genuine small or large companies and organizations, nowdays, in times of crisis in Greece!

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«Όπου άμιλλα ενταύθα και νίκη εστί».

Αριστοτέλης 350 π.Χ.


"Wherever there is competition, there lies a sense of winning"

Aristoteles 350 B.C.


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