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Coaching Leadership in the footsteps of Socrates©, 3-month e-learning training program from "National Kapodistrian University of Athens" and Barbara Asimakopoulou - author and trainer.

Coaching Leadership in the footsteps of Socrates©  is a 3-month blended distance learning training program. It is designed for executives and professionals who need a high quality coaching training program in a flexible training way without the need to be in a classroom in a certain place.

My students are Greek speaking people from around the world!

Coaching Leadership in the footsteps of Socrates is a new (registered for ©) alternative leadership approach based on self-awereness, philosophy and coaching. It introduces the Coach Leader who is leading by values and the Philosophership a new coaching model of decision making.

It includes 10 training units with 4500-5500 words of PDF each, 10 videos recordings one for each educational unit, 10 Power Point presentations, 5 live streaming (1 hour each), a big number of essays and on line exercises, a huge bibliography and referrals, a final essay- personal action plan, one to one coaching , mutual support with the buddy system and a coach-trainer available all the time to stand by her students.

Each educational unit lasts one week. Each week, participants receive all the new material via a special e-learning platform. This e-learning platform is designed by the University of Athens and hosts many other training e-learning programs.

Each week the participant must study, do his/her homework, exercises, case studies, and communicate with the coach -trainer via e-mail for clarifications or other questions.

In order to enhance studying, there is a secretary and an IT administrator who are ready to answer any administrative question and/or resolve any other issue.

With blended e-learning, students can study and make their exercises at their own pace. In this manner they can combine working and studying at the same time.

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As a distance trainer, I try to make my students feel as a team, an e-team, so they  can take advantage and benefit from their e-interaction, and each other’s learning and questioning.

I communicate with them through the e-platform very often, in order to motivate and inspire them to go on with their study and essays, on the time -schedule set from the beginning.

E-learning is a great training tool that demands consistency, system,  commitment and self-motivation  from both sides- coach (the trainer) and coachee (the student)

As Socrates said 2500 years ago,

A teacher is not teaching, he inspires people to think and to reveal their own inner-truth”.

A blended e-learning program, especially designed and applied, can offer this opportunity.


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Comments of Participants 

"An outstanding program that puts you in the “search engine” called coaching, to dig deep for your own truth. The exceptional Mrs. Asimakopoulou, challenges and invites us with mastery to this wonderful connection, aligned with our values, inspired by the ancient Greek philosophy in a quest to become the best version of ourselves!"

Cleopatra Anerousou, Entrepreneur, Athens

"It’s a new leadership model that offers people self-awareness and inner power to move forward towards their personal and professional fulfillment. The great empathy of Mrs. Asimakopoulou eliminates every distance, and the teaching of the "Socratic Method", challenges you, motivates and engages you, aiming to "living the life you deserve, a meaningful life."

Lydia Antoniou, Founder of Lydia’s Homemade Pastries

"Thank you for giving a name to my purpose! You paved the way for new horizons."

Xenia Papanikolaou, Doctor, Athens

"Unique, extraordinary, outstanding. It touched me profoundly and will help me in the course of my life."

Sofoklis Akides, Cyprus

"Each section of this program grips you and each time you want more. The philosophical depth and the explanation of the importance of our values are completely addictive."

George Boukis, Entrepreneur, Athens

"If for Cicero Socrates is the first philosopher to take down the philosophy of the stars on Earth, for me coaching is the tool that can lift every human being - from the Earth to the stars by urging us to live authentically, consciously with eudemonia . As a crowning of the wonderful journey you offered me through this program I just quote Seligman's words "Re-crafting Your Life"! This is my motto."

Sonia Pappa, Archeologist, Kuwait

"I feel that a new pathway has been opened for me and all these things, that had been in a mess in my head for a long time, now they are well in place. You showed me the wings I have inside me and how ready I feel for my take-off."

Giannis Vlachakis, Business Consultant, Crete

"This is a dynamic, full-fledged program that focuses on coaching from different approaches, interactive, with abundant content, and handy case studies. It was one of the best and most complete training programs I have ever attended."

Theodore Panelis, Cosmote e-value, Athens

"This program was the trigger for internal exploration, weighing of strengths and better professional planning for the future. Despite the geographical distance, interaction through technology with the classmates and our trainer played a key role in consolidating the subject of study."

Sofia Kotti, Musician, Chios

"The program opened my way of thinking, discovered significant things about myself and gave me the willpower to transform and accomplish things that will improve me! Mrs. Barbara Asimakopoulou our coach, who is charismatic and proficient, inspired us all the way. Coaching Leadership, helped me perform better, evolve personally and professionally and learn to assert what I deserve!"

Nikos Sakellariou, Medical Representative, Pharmaceutical company

"A very strong experience that inspires, shapes and speaks immensely about your truth and your life, until it gives you the motivation for the change you need. This journey, with Ms. Asimakopoulou, illuminates the place you find yourself in, the path you choose to follow and gives you the power to continue. I suggest to those who seek to attend such a program to give this present to themselves."

GS, Project Manager, Athens

"A complete training program that helped me start a journey whose benefits have already begun to appear in my relationships at personal and professional level. I have no words to thank Mrs Barbara Asimakopoulou for her contribution. I was lucky with our cooperation."

Eugenia Kaprigianni, Director, Public Servant, Athens

"This program is progressively and gradually changing from an educational and professional program to a new way of life. I recommend it to everyone who seeks to live their lives through the eyes of the soul and the mind."

Georgia Papadimitriou,  OTE Group, Athens

"The personal development plan was an amazing discovery process that helped me to see some points of myself that I used to avoid. Sometimes it is difficult to admit our truth even to ourselves, but only by exercising and illuminating the innermost part of ourselves we can change and improve the conditions of our lives."

Froso Konstantinidou, Public Servant, Athens

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