The complexity of everyday life, the multiple roles we have to respond to, and the wider context of globalization in working environment combined with the international economic and social crisis have radically changed the way we see ourselves.

We have many obligations and the requirements in our life are many and the time is limited. To be able to dominate situations we need to be very concentrated, targeted, disciplined and consistent. In a nutshell, we are the masters of ourselves and of our desires. Coaching is the most effective way to succeed your targets and to be the master of yourself.


Our program provides the fundamental theoretical base and practical experience which is essential for someone who wants to become a certified, professional coach.

The excellence of our program associated with the:

- Highest Global Standards of ICF
- Intensive Coaching Practice
- International Advisory Board
- Participation in Academic Coaching Innovative Research

The program offers constantly updated knowledge of the art and science of coaching and a wide range of coaching practice opportunities. The modules provide training in the 11 ICF core coaching competencies which is deepened incrementally as the program progresses. It also provides participants with concepts, models, tools and techniques from the fields of Management, Leadership, Positive Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Communication, Personal Growth & Wellness to offer a powerful, high quality hands on learning experience.


To provide guarantee for a theoretical, high standard knowledge and intensive coaching practice, for anyone who wants to be a responsible and competent professional coach or just a leader of themselves.


• Explore the coaching theories as they are evolving up to day
• Acquaintance with the International professional environment (ICF, 11 ICF Coaching Core Competences, Code of Ethics)
• Thorough understanding of the coaching models and tools
• Deeply comprehend the structure and the evolution of a coaching session
• Enlighten the significant relationship between coach and coachee
• Practice in depth coaching conversations and tools enhancing your coaching competency
• Give prominence to your professional aspirations in coaching, and design your unique coach signature.


This program is ideal for:

• External professional coaches

• Internal coaches

• Managers and leaders using coaching skills within organizations

- Individuals: As much coaching experience as you may have, in any industry you are, whatever your current employment status is, participating in this program will strengthen and develop your coaching skills as a professional coach or as a coach leader.
- Graduate Coaches of any coaching program who wish to practice and improve their coaching skills as coach and coach leader.

The best path towards professional coaching certification:

This program is carefully structured to provide the right amount and depth of training that each individual needs
according to his educational & professional level and goals.
Its content is fully aligned with the 11 ICF Core Competences, the Code of Ethics and the definition of ICF Coaching.

This program is in the process of being accredited  with 100 ICF ACSTH (Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours)
to enable anyone wishing to follow the ICF accreditation path and work professionally as a coach

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to
progress towards their ICF ACC application.
Coaches who already hold an ICF ACC can also use these Coach-Specific Training Hours
towards their PCC application.



Learning goals:

By the end of the program the participants are expected to:
1. Have experimented in new ways and be able to evaluate their coaching practice.
2. Have a clear understanding of their possibilities in their coaching practice.
3. Create a medium-term plan for self-development and coaching practice.
4. Have improved their coaching skills and their coaching profile through various forms of feedback.

Coaching philosophy:

Practice, practice, practice: The best way to learn is through experience. The program is designed with a view to practical training.

Scientific and academic: Equally important, however, is to learn from the experience of others. So we remain in open communication and interaction with the scientific and academic community in the field of coaching, psychology,  research and  management.

Philosophy above all: In our program we honor the great legacy of Greek philosophy. The original philosophical model “Philososhership” is applied to lead the participants to their own meaning of life and personal development.


Author- Lead Coach Instructor
Barbara Asimakopoulou, MBA, PCC, GREECE
Leadership Coach | Founder HRE

International Advisory Board

The program is reinforced by the international scientific board of distinguished coaches and educational experts, who constantly monitor its high standards, competence and validity.

Dave Wondra, PCC, USA
Immediate Past Chairman and Director ICF Global Board
CEO & President | Executive Coach, Team Development Wondra Group
LinkedIn Profile

Kathryn Pope, PCC, UK
Executive Coach, Board Coach & Coach Supervisor, UK
LinkedIn Profile

Tünde Erdös, MCC, AUSTRIA
PhD Candidate Coaching Psychology with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 
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Coaches | Instructors| Observers
The program trainers and observers are certified and accredited coaches from the ICF, with experience in coaching and coaching practice and approved by the Academic Board.
Some of them are experts in the coaching tools presented in the program eg mindfulness, conversational intelligence, neuroscience, narrative coaching, positive psychology to ensure the high quality and standards of the program and the higher return on investment of learners.

Kosmas Michail, M.Sc.,  ACC, Trainer and Observer
Executive and Team Coach, Senior Advisor
LinkedIn Profile

Eirini Nikolaidou, PCC, Trainer and Observer
Moving Minds Mng Partner | Certified mBIT Executive & Team Coach
LinkedIn Profile

Maria Xatziaggelidi, ACC, Trainer and Observer
Personal & Business Coach For Small Companies | Founder Reappraise Coaching

Olga Papatriantafillou, M.A.,
MBSR Teacher | Wellness Coach | Psychologist | Author of Mindfulness
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Anastasia Moira, BA,,
Senior Human Development Consultant | Author of the CAVE® Approach
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List of classes/modules/parts:

15 classes in 8 days:  face to face meetings in weekends
4    2- hour webinars

Number of student contact hours included in program:

80 hours Synchronous & 20 hours Asynchronous

Dates and locations:

To be announced soon

Language(s) that are used in program delivery:

• Greek
• English (prerequisite)

How the program is delivered:

• 5 8-hour face to face group meetings
• 3 9-hour face to face group meetings.
• 4 2-hour Q&A virtual group meetings

Intended participants: 12

Entry Requirements
• Academic or/and Professional certification- qualification
• Good command of the English language
• Personal drive and willingness to challenge yourself and live in a new more authentic way

Admission Process
• Your Personal and Professional Story stating why you want to join our program and become a coach.
• An interview
• 400 Euros down payment

Policies on payment of tuition and fees:

• This program is a personal and professional investment with direct return on investment for each participant while they practice coaching skills in their everyday life.
• Fees: 2.800 Euros
• Fees early bird: 2.400 Euros
• Payment Terms
• A deposit of 400 Euros is payable upon registration to reserve your place.
• Payment options and installment plans are available upon request.

Policies on withdrawals and refunds:

If you withdraw from the program after being approved, two months or more before its starting day, we will refund the total of your deposit.
If you withdraw from the program one month before its starting day we will refund 50% of your deposit.
If you don’t come up the 1st day we will keep the deposit.
If you follow the 1st Day of the Program and you are not satisfied you can stop the program and be totally refunded.