Philosophical Coaching

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Following the paths of Socrates

We help individuals expand their horizons by developing a unique personal worldview (how they interpret the world) and a personal philosophy (vision and values) based on words of wisdom of Greek philosophers starting from Socrates and his student Plato, and we continue with the founder of western philosophy Aristotle, combined with modern philosophers  Kant , Nietzsche,  Sartre , the Greek Ramfos and existential psychologists such as Yalom and May.

We encourage clients to re-examine and challenge their own ideas and reasoning processes, and seek to establish an adequate justification for their beliefs.

We look at issues such as meaning, authenticity, freedom, choice and responsibility, and how these come into play in their lives.

Philosophical, ethical or existential in nature questions such as: the value of human life and relationships; conceptions of happiness and fulfilment; conflicting moral values; explanation and justification; choice and responsibility.

We inspire executives and potential leaders to transform into "Coach Leaders" © and lead using our unique strategic model "Philosophership" © based on values and greek ancient virtues (aretes)

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