On the stage! How to captivate your audience.

In the footsteps of Aristotle.

“It is this simplicity that charms people’s ears more finely" Aristotle in Rhetoric, Greek Philosopher (384 B.C. to 322 B.C)

Goal of the workshop:

This workshop aims to inspire and provide you with the most efficient tools to 'perform' a captivating presentation. Moreover, you will gain the ability to take your audience with you on a unique journey.

This well-being coaching relies on Aristotle' s work 'Rhetoric' and offers an inspirational methodology in order to cope with modern communication issues and challenges. You will therefore learn how to speak with 'Ethos' (credibility), 'Pathos' (empathy) and 'Logos' (clarity) -

Aristotle's three pillars of Rhetoric.

'Ethos' = character, 'Pathos' = emotions, 'Logos'= logic

Benefits for you:

  • Make your life easier and much more interesting through efficient communication.
  • Sell your services and products successfully.
  • Share your ideas and thoughts effectively. Foster your authenticity, self-control, braveness, magnanimity thus the human qualities (virtues) that promote and reassure your credibility.
  • Make it obvious that you are the right person to give this presentation.
  • Illustrate your speaking with stories as a hook to draw people's attention.
  • Convince people of your expertise.
  • Use meaningful and logical arguments.
  • Express your opinion and thoughts with clarity and back up your thoughts with examples.
  • Evoke people's emotions and feelings and you will captive them with your energy and passion for the subject.
  • Make your mark and have an impact on the world.


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