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We have created “The Rebounders” in order to support, motivate and engage professionals and executives who face business challenges to regain control over their professional lives and achieve their goals.

We consider that anyone of us will need “to rebound” at least once in his/her life. What is more, “rebounding” may occur many times in our professional or personal lives.

Furthermore, we believe that the modern world we live in needs everyone’s contribution and participation with innovative and creative actions.

We are dreaming of a new society that will be moving from “I” to “We” , based on values such as integrity, social contribution and synergy. A society which creates, rather than only consumes.

We wish to “set the example “ (be role models) so as to live with “aristea"  = "phronesis” (knowledge and practice), + "virtues" as Aristotle suggests.

For this reason we are developing a network of professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, and coaches etc who share the same vision.

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