Coaching skills for team leaders.

“The leader of the past knew how to TELL-The leader of the future will know how to ASK”

Peter Drucker,"the founder of modern management" (1909-2005)

Goal of the workshop:

Our well-being coaching aims to enable you to use coaching methodology and skills in your daily life. As a result, you will be able to lead any team efficiently and enjoy the whole journey!

Firstly, we will introduce a unique skillset to help leaders and organisations achieve sustainable growth, equipped with the best international theories, techniques and practices of coaching. Therefore, you will understand yourself first and then be able to harness the best from the people around you.

Coaching is, in fact, an internationally recognised methodology with proven and impressive results especially for altering behaviours. So this is the tool to define leaders in an authentic way, according to your own values ​​and desires. Above all, this ensures a change in your mind-set and behaviour that is necessary to manage people's complexities and today’s conditions. The coach therefore brings out the best in people, reveals your real competencies, aspirations and challenges. We will also energise you to overcome internal and external obstacles and finally change your behaviour to be at your best.

So why does well-being coaching grow so rapidly? Basically it's because it works! In fact, we know there is 99% satisfaction. Therefore, everyone can benefit from improved productivity (team efficiency, time management, individual performance) with more positive people (restoring self confidence, improving relationships, work life balance, communication skills). There is also a significant ROI (clear actions and measurable outcomes).

As a result, our coaching programme fulfils rigorous professional standards, addresses key strategic goals, shapes organisational culture and yields discernible and measurable positive impacts.

Benefits for you:

  • Improved work performance.
  • Better communication.
  • Increased team effectiveness.
  • Behavioural changes.
  • Self-awareness.
  • Better decision making.
  • More efficient time management.
  • More growth and opportunities.
  • Improved relationships.
  • Completion and fulfilment.

The coach doesn't play the game; he supports players into playing it better!


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